Today I meet Troy!!  He is the first feature in my portrait series , “SEEN”

Troy was grooving in the gas station parking lot by my home.  He was making his own music and singing into his plastic water bottle.  I made a detour into the gas station to say, “Hi” and see if he would model for me for a few photos that I could use for reference to paint from.  Being the kind and generous person Troy was he graciously let me snap a few pics of him doing his thing.  I asked him about his story, he mentioned he currently was living on the street, but that it was temporary.  Troy seemed most intrigued as to why I wanted to take his photo.  And that is the basis of my first series on portraits.  I feel everyone has a desire to be seen for what is special and unique about them.   For Troy it was his care free, fun creative side that first caught my attention.  Once, I got a chance to meet him, I was taken with honesty, kindness and his incredible smile.  I can’t wait to paint him.  Thanks Troy!

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