“Make Your Own Music”

Make your own music


I feel like the painting is almost done.  It is great to have a critiques throughout the creative process.  My eight year old daughter gives me the best feedback.  She isn’t afraid to speak her mind.  “Mom, it looks like someone took a bite out of his finger!”  “Mom, the arms look like this!”, as she stiffens her shoulders up tight.  ” He looks old!”

Also, sometime I don’t have the patience to correct all the mistakes.  Sometimes, I know things aren’t right and I just decide I want to move one to something new.  Which, I regret a tiny bit later on.  And I have learned that once I decide to move on there is no going back.  So the great thing about adding this blog to my artistic process is it encouraging me to be more patient, work through the problems until the painting is really complete.

So let me know what you think, are we there yet?  🙂




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