Golf Balls for Dinner

As a kid, I spent a few years growing up in Tonganoxie Kansas, a small town in the Northeastern part of the state.  We had 27 acres of walnut trees and redbuds.  On a hill surrounded by our forest was a brick berm house and a huge yard.  The front yard was at least an acre.  At the end of the yard stood the chicken coop my parents had built for our laying hens.  My mom let the hens roam the front yard during the day to eat bugs.  But she wanted to encourage them to lay their eggs in the coop, instead of little secret spots in our massive yard.  So, she got an idea to put golf balls in the nest – hoping the chickens would think they were eggs and laying some more there.  One day a huge black snake got into the coop looking for a meal.  They golf balls definitely fooled him and he ate them.  Then trying to sneak out of the coop he got stuck in the chicken wire and was trapped.  I think it was probably my mom that cut him out and set him loose.

I had a nice long break around Christmas and New Year.  But now I am back at the easel!

Chickens were my inspiration this time!!


“On The Move”  18 x 18.  SOLD IMG_0342 3Sassy“Sassy Ladies”   12 x 18″. SOLD

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