My Debut Art Show

Trying new things is always exciting and fun!  This month I had an opportunity to do a live painting demonstration and set up a pop up shop for my artwork in the old library building during the Fox Valley Arts Ramble.  The Fox Valley Arts Ramble is a large event spanning many cities along the Fox River and it was a great opportunity.   I was nervous but it turned out to be really fun.  I loved meeting all the people who came around to look at our art!  The foot traffic was not overwhelming which was nice for a first time.

We have been traveling a lot the last two months and I was not as prepared as I thought I would be.   I have compiled a few lessons I learned.

  1.  Be prepared to take credit cards!  I did not take the time to set up my Square account before the show and of course the first customer I had wanted to pay with a credit card.  It had crossed my mind that this would come up yet I did not follow through on my intuition.  Fortunately, I did take action before the day was over and it turns out that a square account only take a few minutes to set up and you can instantly accept payments!!
  2. Don’t forget you business cards!  Whoops I made this mistake too.  You feel like a dope when someone asks for one and they are at home!
  3.  Collect names and emails!  Don’t forget pens!
  4. Make sure all the work your selling is photographed in good light in case you want to make reproductions or use it in future promotional materials.

Other than that I think I did pretty good.  But I would like to invest in a more attractive professional display area.  And some promotional material – a sign.  Maybe some brochures that tell about my artwork.

Overall I felt like the art show was a definite win.  I sold some paintings.  Meet some great people.  Had fun!  I will definitely be doing this again!






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