Oil and Cold Wax

“Quiet Place” 12″ x 12″

I love playing in new mediums!  While I spend most of my time painting with acrylics, which are super versatile.  I love oil mixed with cold wax medium.  When using these paints I move away from brushes and use palette knives, scrapers, brayers, and my favorite tool my fingers!  I have a greater since of freedom, play and experimentation with these paintings.  I build up the paint more intuitively and don’t really see this direction it’s going until mid way through.  The painting speaks to me and I bring the vision forth.  This pieces are done on a cradled birch board.  The edges are three-quarters inch deep.

The first piece ” Quiet Place” contains a solitary tree.  It’s a beautiful meadow with blue skies and spring flowers.  It is a great thinking spot.


“Angel Rising”  12″ x 12″


Angel Rising is the perfect balance between fire and ice, warm and cool, earth and air.


“Lovers Lake”


This piece is a work in progress.  It evokes classical renaissance art.  Think Michangelo!


Let me know what you think of this medium and style of painting.  Thanks for taking a look!



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