I Paint Houses

This is a great one for anyone looking for a special gift for a friend or family member. Are you a realtor looking for a thank you gift for an important client. Maybe you really love your house, as in the case of Betty and would love a special painting of the place you call home.

“Betty’s House” 5″ x 7″ Gouche on Aquabord


I love this little impressionistic painting of Betty’s home.  I have painted with gouche a few times and love the vivid colors.  This was my first go with aqua board.  I loved being able to scratch into it back to the board for some fine line work, with a pottery tool I had laying around.  And important tip if you use it for the first time, use a quick wash of color to ground the board and make the subsequent layers easier to spread.  Gouche is easily reactivated with water even years after the painting has been left to dry.  Awesomely, the aqua boards can be sealed with Krylon UV archival varnish and Golden Polymer Varnish with UVLS in that order.  It was my first time applying these products, my heart stopped a little between the two applications but it worked beautifully with no bleeding of the paint.  Here is a link to Dick Blick if you are interested in giving them a try.



Ampersand Aquabord

Winsor and Newton Designers Gouache

Krylon UV Archival Varnish


Happy Painting!


  1. Wonderful painting, Jennifer! July 19 is Maureen’s birthday. I hope you can attend open studio that night. Cherie


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