Alley Art Festival 2018


I attended my first Alley Art Festival today!  It was a ton of work!  My first time setting up a tent.  I was able to borrow my dad’s truck to schlep all the paintings, display easels, folding tables, chairs, tent, weights and misc stuff.  But, then I could not get the top off the truck, the dolly wouldn’t come out with out taking the top off and there was a strap to keep the dolly in place in front of the truck bed and I couldn’t get that loose either.  It was drizzling and the bed of the truck was muddy and all my stuff had slid to the back of the truck.  I had to slide on the mud- squeezing between the cover, dolly and bungee cord into the back of the truck bed to pull all my stuff out.  I wasn’t expecting unloading the truck to be the hard part!!  The tent went up fairly easy thanks to an extra hand that showed up.  Rule Number One – Never do an Art Fair Alone – Always bring an extra friend or two!!  Fortunately –  I had two friends!!

I meet a ton of great people, passed out a lot of free stickers and business cards.   IF, you are reading this now and I met you at the Alley Art Festival say Hi in the comments!  I got some business cards from so cool creative peeps and added some names to my mailing list.  And I even made a sale!  So it was a pretty sweet day over all.

I always try to think of things I can try and improve for next time but overall I think it went pretty well.  I wished I had taken a picture of my patron with her new piece of art!  She looked super happy!  I suppose also next time maybe some expanded inventory – smaller pieces, prints, magnets or pins that folks can buy.

My darling ten year old daughter sold quite a bit of her slime that she makes, which is an awesome way to keep her happy and engaged at mommy’s gig.

This is the painting that sold!  Lots of folks really love this work and one lucky lady got to take it home!


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