A New Season

Wow, it is already October!  The last couple months have been flying!  And I have been finding myself short on time to paint.  I have four paintings that I have been working on since summer that are not complete yet.  One is this lovely tomato painting inspired by my garden, which was abundant with tomatoes, peppers and eggplants this year.   It’s an oil and cold wax painting and I LOVE working in this medium!  I have a very small condo.  I paint in my kitchen.  Acrylic paint is the perfect medium for this.  I do not yet have the money to rent a separate studio space and honestly as busy as I am a separate studio space is not a good plan.  It would end up like a gym membership, costing me money every month and never getting used.  I would love a bigger home that has a dedicated studio space were I could work in oil paint.  But for now, one Saturday a month I go work with a friend in her studio and it is heaven!  I love the paintings I am making there.  I feel such creative freedom.  And the medium just feels easy to use.  The paints interact the way I want them too and it just flows.

Since my daughter started back at school there just has not been as much time for painting.  But I am working on getting back into it.  I did it last year and I believe I can find a way again this year.  I can’t wait to show you all the other paintings I have been working on, they could become a series of paintings on California.  I have a few paintings inspired from my travels there.

It has dropped down into the 40s so I will be pulling the garden out soon.  And I will definitely be tempted to go fewer places, which will hopefully leave more time for painting.  What subjects would you like to see me paint?

Food from our garden!


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