The Last 12 Months

The last twelve months have been the most momentous of my painting career.  When I first start painting four years ago it was like falling in love.   I would call in sick to work so I could stay home and paint.  Through continued hot pursuit and great effort I have learned a tremendous amount in the past few years.  This year I felt like it all came together and I am able to consistently produce original paintings of a quality that I am proud to offer for sale.  I feel like a real artists.  In the past year, I have completed 20 paintings and still have at least four more in various stages of completion.  I revised my website, created a logo and business cards.  I had four public showings of work.  I sold my first paintings to complete strangers.  Attempted some social media marketing.  Managed to write monthly blog posts.  Read books on marketing and selling.  Listened to countless hours of podcasts about art and business.  I sold eight paintings.  And discovered that I love the connections with people that art creates.  I am excited to see where the next 14 months takes me.  Who will I meet?   What will I paint?  Where will I go?  Art has been a great gift in my life and I am so very grateful!

“White Rose”


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