New Skills

Gesture Drawing

When ever I feel uncertain about about my skills as an artist I return to drawing. Drawing is the most important skill to create excellent paintings. Drawing is also a really difficult skill to master. I love figure and head drawing. When attending a life drawing session the model poses are timed. The poses start off short – one minute, two minutes, five minutes, ten minutes. What are you supposed to draw in a minute? These short times frames can leave an artist feeling a bit inadequate. But this last week I finally mastered the art of gesture drawing. That’s not to say that my drawings are perfect but I know what to do with a minute or two minutes. This is pretty exciting because it makes practicing a lot more fun when you know what to do. Gesture drawing is all about being loose and getting the feeling and basic motion of the pose.

I also have been working with basics shapes. Drawing a cube can be tricky because you get into perspective which is another subject that I need to further study. Last week I felt a bit lost on where to start but I am feeling a plan solidifying.

This month I will be doing time model poses every day to practice gesture. I plan to study perspective this year and learn to draw cubes. It’s important to have a good understanding of fundamentals. I have heard many accomplished artists say that they never really stop practicing them.

I started another painting. My pile of started and unfinished paintings is growing. I feel more confident at the beginning of a painting. And right now, is all about building my confidence up.

“These Apples”

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