Figure Drawing LIVE!

This week I continued with my gesture drawing practice and got to move from Youtube model sessions to live figure drawing. The Naperville Art League has live figure drawing sessions on Sunday morning. This has been an event I have been wanting to attend for at least two years now. But as a divorced mom with a ten year old -any activity that requires either free time or a babysitter can stay on my to do list for a very long time. I highly recommend live figure drawing for anyone interested in improving as an artist. Our leader Lucas was a cool guy and he ID’d me – an activity that always endears one to my soul. Yes I am over 18 Lucas!

The session was a long pose at least 90 minutes. I used the first hour to warm up. This was my final drawing.

If my schedule continues to allow for it I would love to make this a weekly event. Drawing from a live model really trains the artist’s eye. And you get to meet other artists and have critique which is a great experience as well.

Quick Sketch Gestures

Here is a quick snap of some five minute quick sketches I worked up this week.

And here is an update on the progress of “These Apples”

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