“Board of Directors”

This figurative piece is a departure from my usually fruits and florals. But some times a bit of inspiration shows up and you have to follow the muse. I am very happy that I did. This piece is set on the Venice Board walk in Los Angeles. Southern California is one of my favorite places on earth! If I had the money I would live there in a heartbeat. I love the juxtaposition of the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. Blue skies, palm trees, and sun. So much sun! It is March in Chicago and I am jonesing for some sun. Sadly it’s currently in the single digits. I only have my memories to keep me warm.

Just as I completed this piece I saw a post on Facebook for the annual Fargo Skateboard Art Show in DeKalb. And it was free to enter, which was perfect as I am looking for lost cost methods to reach a larger audience with my art.

I dropped the piece of tonight, the Show is Saturday – it’s starts at four pm. It’s my first indoor gallery style art show. It’s hosted by an indoor skateboard company. My daughter went with me to drop the painting off and as we were leaving our conversation went like this.

Corinne: Did you notice how much swag those kids have and how the use slang?

Me: Yup!

Corinne: When did you notice?

Me: Right away! I sound like such a mom, totally uncool.

Corinne: Yes!

Thanks Corinne! And it’s true – the girl behind the counter told me that they were having a punk rock show with a $5 cover after the art show. And I said “Oh Cool” and I never felt so inauthentic. Twenty-five years ago I was going to punk shows in Denver warehouses and empty lots every weekend. The back of my Chevy Nova was plaster in bumper stickers from all my favorite bands. I had hot pink hair, Doc Martens and a hoodie. But these days, I never listen to punk rock, but next weekend I have a chance to relive my youth!

You never can guess where your art will take you.


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