Fox Valley Voice

One of my goals this year was to get my first press mention, I did not think the opportunity would come so soon in the year! But I can now scratch that one off of my list. I recorded an interview with Jamie Gutierrez. It was my first interview ever and my first time being on a podcast. The Fox Valley Voice has been reporting on the happenings in and around the Fox River for over ten years! They interview artists, musicians, local business owners, community leaders. You can find their archives on YouTube and their website

The opportunity came about when I signed up to be an artist at the Fox Valley Arts Ramble. I received an email that they were looking for artists to do a podcast to promote the Ramble. I am still a bit amazed that I volunteered myself without hesitation. I did feel a bit nervous but I managed to control it. I few years ago I would never have been willing to put myself in the spotlight like that and I talked about that in the interview.

The hardest part will be listening to the podcast when it comes out but I am going to make myself do it even if it’s totally cringey. I hope to have future interviews and the best way to improve will be to listen to myself speak! Ahhh!!!

What are you challenging yourself to do this year?

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