Everyone’s mind is on the start of the new decade and what they want to do in this next block of time. 2020 it looks so magical. I think of it like the golden birthday of the century. I think a lot of people are feeling optimistic and expecting good things ahead. I know I am! This last year was a busy one. I started off in a whirlwind of painting. Showed at the Fargo Art show in DeKalb in February. Appeared in my first podcast interview with the Fox Valley Voice. Survived the April blizzard that landed right on the weekend of the Fox Valley Arts Ramble. Secured a large commission for a garden mural in a Victorian home on the West side of Aurora. Showed at a group show in First Friday at the Tap. Live painted at the Stolp Island block party. Sold a large painting at the Alley Art Festival. And the year ended in another whirlwind of painting.

I accomplished different things than I expected to this year. That is the thing that I love about an art career – the uncertainty. I never know what is going to happen, the road is full of surprises, most of them good. I feel it is always good to start out with a road map even if you know there will be detours. Last year I had some credit card debt I wanted to pay off. This year I have some personal goals that I am expecting to accomplish including buying a new house, becoming a landlord and getting promoted at work. With my art career, I want to release two to three small collections of paintings around a theme. Create a new improved website. Double my collector base. And send out at least four newsletters. Create a monthly blog post. Start creating content on LinkedIn and Tik Tok. Post 3-4 times a week on the socials. And use video more often to communicate. I would like to find two or three new venues to show my work. And have a sold out solo show. What are your goals for the new year?

I like this ocean painting that I did. I think a few paintings wave paintings might make a cool series. What do you think? Any other motifs you would be interested in?

Happy New Year! Cheers!

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