Creating the Life I Want

Life is busy for everyone and I am no exception. When it comes to creating the life I want I have come to realize that I need some new habits if I am going to end up where I want to go. With my job, raising a kid, running a household, making healthy food, keeping up with friends and family it can be hard to find the time that I want to dedicate to making and marketing my art. Sometimes I am just too tired or I get distracted by that closet that I have needed to clean out for the last nine months or my daughter has other ideas about how I should spend my time. This year I invested in a planner. The planner has a section to list out habits or skills you want to practice and the days of the week so you can check off if you accomplished it or not.

Here is my list for the week. Some items I want to practice daily and some I want to practice weekly. But these are all things I want to do consistently. And drawing and panting is on my list of daily goals to accomplish. I may not have 8 -10 hours a day to commit to my art work but I can do a little something almost every day to push me forward.

So on the days I don’t get to paint, I can at least spend some time sketching. Having everything written down and marked off is very helpful in keeping me focused and working towards my goals

My latest sketching inspiration is coming from this beautifully illustrated book of houseplants published in 1975. Just a few years before I was born. It should keep me busy for awhile. I will be posting my sketches in my Instagram stories. You can see how well I do at hitting my target of painting or drawing everyday.

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